Give your Distributors the Digital Product Catalog information they need

With our growing list of nearly 500 distributors, adding your Product Catalogs to XO can help you add more distributors and help your existing distributors sell more of your products. You can upload your products to our FTP server or just send an email to us directly with the CSV or Excel file. We can help you get your data into the correct format that will make your products stand out. XOLogic can help you to help your distributors sell more.

You have complete control over which Distributors will have secure access to which of your Catalogs and Price Lists.

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Manufacturer/Vendor Advertising

XO distributors have over 6 million hits a month, and about 50% of those are new customers. We can work with you to give you the ability to advertise directly to XOLogic Distributors owners and salespeople.

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Add your product to all Distributor's Clearance Centers (beta)

Need to move your inventory quickly. With XO, we can help you get your reduced price products front-and-center of your resellers salespeople and their customers online, without extra work from your resellers. Make your marketing dollars produce results on your overstocked or discontinued products.

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“I've never seen anything that even approaches what is being done here. This has the potential to totally change the lighting industry."

“Presentations that used to take up to 2-3 hours to complete, now only take 15-30 minutes; with great comments from all of our customers."

Kim Bohlander Boyd Lighting

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