XOIndustrial provides the modern tools
you need to operate your business.


  • Control your inventory levels by marketing the things you need to sell
  • Your contractors can create orders from anywhere with a mobile device, including their special pricing.
  • Always display your up-to-date prices from your existing ERP system to contractors and salespeople working with their accounts

XOIndustrial gives you so many ways to save time and make more. Let us show you how!

Solving the hard problems

With us constantly filling your system with updates for new products, prices and specs, you can focus on your business and forget about the headache of data. We know the issues. We have the solution. Simplify and improve your business today.

Customer Testimonial

"We were spending 2 full-time employees on trying to keep our products and prices up-to-date in our old system. Thank to XOLogic, those same people spend their time helping customer and bringing in more business. You don't realize how much pain you are putting yourself through until that pain is removed. "

Superior Industrial Supply