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XOLogic Corp and The IMARK Group

March 2, 2017 - XOLogic Corp. and the IMARK Group announces a new partnership.

XOLogic is pleased to announce the IMARK Group as a trusted partner. IMARK has a proven history of delivering value to all their members, mirroring XOLogic’s service minded solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

IMARK is the largest member-owned, member, governed cooperative buying group in the US electrical industry. XOLogic currently delivers solutions to over 400 customers in the lighting, electrical and plumbing industries in the US and Canada.

Through combining rich product data, powerful websites and digital sales tools IMARK members can benefit drastically in multiple ways. “We are grateful for the opportunity to help serve the IMARK community and I see a great fit with their members,” said Mark Farr, CEO of XOLogic Corp


XOLogic and Bravo Media partner to include Plumbing, Hardware and other Product Data

Nov 2, 2015 - XOLogic Corp. and the Bravo Media have announced a new alliance to provide XOLogic customers with Product Data from Plumbing, Hardware and other Suppliers and Vendors.

XOLogic customers can now include products from Vendors that supply data in the Plumbing and Hardware Industries with even more coming soon.

Mark Farr, XOLogic's President/CTO, stated "we are continuing to add suppliers from all industries to help our customers compete online and gain efficiency in their stores." He added, "Managing the data for millions of products is a difficult task for any business. With XOLogic, you have the ability to keep all of your systems connected and streaming to your website, ERP, and other sales channels which is critical to compete in today's world."

With XOLogic's Small Business Suite, you can have your products flowing directly into websites, online shopping carts, point of sale, ERP and CRM tools. Having quality data including pricing, images, technical specs, install guides, etc. available 24 hours a day 7 days a week is now a requirement to compete.


XOLogic and IDEA to Provide One-Source Solution

Sept 2, 2015 - XOLogic Corp. and the Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) have announced a groundbreaking new alliance that provides both electrical and lighting data in one seamless source.

In addition, electrical distributors can now take advantage of the award-winning website and profitability growth tools that have made XOLogic the largest supplier of business software to the decorative lighting industry, and one of the fastest growing solutions in the electrical and home goods and construction supply space.

Mark Farr, XOLogic's President/CTO, stated that he was "pleased to work with IDEA and the electrical industry in helping suppliers to compete online and gain efficiency in their stores. Having a quality data stream powering a website, ERP, and other systems is critical in today's world."

XOLogic's Product Information Management software (PIM ) allows data to flow directly into websites, online shopping carts, point of sale, ERP and CRM tools. Having quality data including pricing, images, technical specs, install guides, etc. available 24 hours a day 7 days a week is seen by most in the industry as being a necessity.

Multiple studies and business cases show that allowing order data, customer data and inventory data to flow seamlessly to staff, customers, and into different software systems increases productivity and adds to the bottom line.

Veterans of the electrical supply industry have responded energetically to this new alliance, many saying that what it brings to the industry is revolutionary. "We're looking forward to extending further possibilities to IDW distributors," said Mike Wentz, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, IDEA. "This flexible web store option, combined with access to both electrical and decorative lighting data in one location, will allow our distributors to expand and realize new opportunities."


XO 3.0 Ships!

August 26, 2015 - We are excited to finally be shipping XOLogic 3.0! We have spent the last couple of months vigorously beta testing the 3.0 release with many customers. The 3.0 release has added a significant amount of features and capabilities that we know will help you grow your lighting business and be more productive. Just listen to what one of our customers said, “I have been a beta customer for XO this past month and I love the new look and feel of the dashboard. My favorite feature is the report center where I can easily find and look up customer information and quickly find what I need to.” August 26, 2015


XO 3.0

May 15, 2015 - XOLogic announced that the new version of the XO Small Business Suite is going to be released in summer 2015. "We are really excited for customers to see all of the new capabilities that 3.0 will provide.", said Mark Farr, XOLogic President. "We have been working for over a year on some of these features and solutions that were requested by our customers to address their business needs", he continued. "We are especially excited about the capabilities for Suppliers and Vendors that will help to solve some of the biggest pain points", he added. New features will be announced over the coming weeks and will be presented at the upcoming June Dallas Market. For more information, on demo times, please visit Dallas Lighting Technology Center website.

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XOLogic and SPECTRA Marketing Group announce marketing agreement

March 03, 2015, Today XOLogic and SPECTRA Marketing Group have announced a new marketing agreement that gives XO customers the ability to get the Marketing Toolbox for free by joining SPECTRA. "We are really excited to give our customers the opportunity to improve their SEO rankings, increase their social media connections and improve their customer retention by joining SPECTRA and receiving the Marketing Toolbox at no charge", said Mark Farr, President and CTO of XOLogic. "It is a win, win, win", he added. "SPECTRA has trained marketing specialists that provide SEO boosting content that can really increase sales for our customers and provide rebates for products that they already sell." Find out more by contacting our Client Services Department

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January 06, 2015, Today XOLogic has announced new business changing tools for the lighting industry. "Anyone not using XOLogic for their lighting showroom software doesn't know what they are missing", said Jason Petersen, founder and CEO of XOLogic. "We have built in key performance indicators that can show you how your business is performing. And then we have provided training videos that can show you proven methods for improving those areas", he added. "S.C.O.R.E is a method of tracking Sales Opportunities, Conversions, Order Averages, Returns/Margins, and Expenses. With these metrics any business can proactively plan and improve thier SCORE."

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December 16, 2014 - Today XOLogic is proud to announce the opening of the Dallas Lighting Technology Center, a new location in the Trade Mart Center in Dallas Texas. The Lighting Technology Center will allow everyone in the lighting industry to come and sample and learn about new advances in the lighting industry. "We are very excited about the new training center", said Jason Petersen, CEO and Founder of XOLogic. "We have invited all the technology leaders in the industry and are excited by the turn out.

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Huge performance boost

October 10, 2014 - XOLogic has decreased load times for XOLogic’s vendor sites as much as a 92% improvement in speed and reliability immediately after the transition to the new server environment, but their renewed competitive leverage didn’t end there. For a SaaS company, XOLogic’s powerful, streamlined new infrastructure provided a stable environment in which to better run, test, and perfect their application, allowing them to continue developing and delivering a competitive, profit-generating product.

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Introducing SCORE, driving profitability in your business seminar

September 16, 2014 - Is there a way to predict and grow sales…or cash flow? In this high-energy seminar, you’ll roll up your sleeves to get right into the “nuts & bolts” of what makes market-leading lighting showrooms winners. Jason will share simple yet powerful actions and measurements–many of which you can start the day you get home–to improve the performance and profitability of your lighting showroom.

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Entrepreneurs honored at annual UVEF event

July 13, 2012 - The Top 25 Under Five competition has featured more than 300 companies over the past 13 years. This year's other award recipients are Arellia, BambooHR, BizVision, BlueRoof360,, DrivingSales, GOAL ZERO, Launch Leads, Leadgenix, Oozle Media, Orabrush, PcCareSupport, Persnickety Clothing Company,, Professional Cable, RawData, Scalar Analytics,, Simplicity Laser, Undercover Mama, V3 Systems and XOLogic.

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MyLighting Showroom and XOLogic join forces

January 6, 2012 - Bravo Business Media, the marketers of catalog and commerce services to lighting retailers, and XOLogic, the developers of XOLights suite of showroom tools, announce today their new alliance in serving the decorative lighting industry in a more meaningful manner. The companies’ plan to leverage their respective strengths to serve lighting retailers with a best of breed technology platform designed for showroom operators to function more efficiently, while adding additional customer acquisition services to their portfolio of products.

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