Why Clients Partner With Us

The attractive, navigable, and accurate website allows our customers to pre-shop, before visiting the showroom. All of these values translate into cost reduction and increased sales. Digital catalogs and web presence is no longer an elective; customers expect it. XOLogic has been successfully doing this for many years. They are experts in this field.
Dana G Hunt / Masterpiece
We have been working with XOLogic on developing our new website to include product, pricing and graphics. The Staff at XOLogic are always professional. They are quick and efficient at getting the data needed and then updating our site. We look forward to our continued partnership in future growth and expansion of our web presence.
Cathy Grant / CCS
I love it! You definitely hit the mark we had set! It really is a better result than we could have hoped for.
Denise Duncan / Light ETC
We were able to get our electrical products onto our website easily and quickly. We fully endorse XOLogic. They solve the data problems that are hard for every electrical business.
Will Bridges / Bayside Electric Supply
We were able to increase our orders by 150% just by having our website sell all the brands we carry. I have salespeople that have doubled their orders and are spending more time with their families. I don't know how we could live without XOLogic.
Sandra / Robinson Lighting
We looked around at all the other solutions out there and found that XOLogic had the most complete solution for us. We got our online stores and our physical stores up and running fast. Best choice we ever made was to work with XOLogic.
Frank Denish / Star Lighting Center
XOLogic has been extremely responsive to all our requests and we have gotten everything that we wanted for our website. I especially was impressed that we were able to get our pricing directly from our existing backend system through the flexible XOLogic system. We are very happy with choosing XOLogic!
Paul Kvorka / Active Electrical Supply
XOlogic is a great selling tool that allows our clients to navigate through the brands we carry as well as the many skus offered by brand which is immense. The greatest benefit is having all the skus imported and updated on a regular basis by XOlogic. Not only is it great exposure for the many products we carry, it is also great for building personalized quotes for each client.
Veronica Cappelletti / CAPPCO
Using XOLogic has enabled us to offer a better online customer experience, with more complete data and a stronger look-and-feel. The XOLogic team also agreed to significant custom work to help us manage processes and look-and-feel, which no other provider was able to do.
Catherine Metrycki / Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre
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