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    Business Dashboard with SCORE™
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    Business Intelligence without the work with SCORE™
    Ranking reports for all aspects of your business

Track whats important

Your business can't make more money if you don't have enough opportunities to sell. S.C.O.R.E provides a formula that shows you where your money and effort need to be spent. A profit and loss won't tell you what to focus on but S.C.O.R.E will!

Drill down and Compare

Each S.C.O.R.E area let's you drill down to the details and see what's going on. Change the date range and see how you compared last month - or last year. It's as easy as clicking.

See the Product training videos for more details on ways to use the Dashboard.

Focus on actions

Now you can see what area to focus on, but do you know what actions to take? We've got you covered. We have included time tested and proven ways to increase each area. We can walk you through it!


See the customers that have open orders or wishlists that you can turn into conversions. See your top selling products and vendors and make better decisions about which products to stock and from which vendors.

See how each of your Salespeople's opportunities, conversions and margins are doing.

Watch Product training videos