XOLogic's Full Suite Solution

Finally... a powerful and complete end-to-end, commerce solution that won't break the bank!
Product Information Management (PIM) platform provides a master location for storing your content-rich product information from unlimited sources into a single, secure, easily-accessible, cloud database.
Custom website development that conveys your own unique company brand image, including responsive designs for mobile and tablet platforms - providing the convenience of multi-channel shopping.
Digital catalogs visualizing ALL of the products you sell from every manufacturer you carry, including descriptions, dimensions product IDs, photos, videos, spec sheets, install guides, and so much more.
XOS v4.0
Powerful sales software, including point-of-sale features, account login portal, and both in-store and in-the-field management tools — integration-ready for the most common ERP systems on the market.
XOPIM Product Information Management
Sourcing, enriching and delivering the best streaming product information available to your industry through our secure, cloud-based data platform.
Rules Engine
The proprietary rules engine accepts product information from any source, normalizes data according to key product attributes, and categorizes it according to industry accepted taxonomy.
Streaming Data
Out of the box, we provide the most current, up-to-date product information from the manufacturers / vendors you need. No more manually uploading spreadsheets.
Product Data Feeds
Specialize your product data into unique formats and send a single feed required by either your website, your online merchants (such as Amazon), and transactional data to your ERP system.
XOWEB Custom Website Development
Whether building new or refreshing old, we offer a wide range of website design and development services to ensure you put your best foot forward.
Branded Design
You've worked hard to build your business... your custom website should reflect the branded image your customers have come to know and trust.
Mobile Responsive
Stay on pace with modern demand for convenience with a responsive website that looks fantastic on all mobile and tablet platforms.
User Friendly
The latest design styles and navigation methods ensure an effortless user experience that keeps visitors on your site... viewing your catalog.
XOCAT Digital Product Catalogs
Provide your website visitors a digital product catalog and complete shopping experience that drives revenue through multiple sales channels.
eCommerce Ready
Allow your customers to submit orders seamlessly online with a complete eCommerce package including cart, wishlists, bids and secure checkout.
Increase Site Visitors
Digital catalogs drive significant jumps in website traffic, which translates to increases in both online sales and in-store foot traffic.
Increase Order Value
Average order value increases as customers are more exposed to your full product line, including products not typically stocked.
XOS v4.0 Proprietary Sales Software
With an abundance of innovative tools, XOS v4.0 enables your staff to feel more confident and focused on actionable items to increase revenue.
Contractor Login
Provide your accounts the convenience of 24/7 access to organize wishlists, place orders with special pricing, track status, make payments, and so much more.
Sales Tools
Increase sales rep effciency with tools to track key accounts, show full product lines, easily quote and submit orders, and access real-time dashboard reporting.
Feature Rich
More control at your fingertips to manage your product catalog, configure the shopping expereince, promote your web pages, and enhance your showroom.
XOINTEGRATION Custom Systems Integration
Your ERP / Accounting system is loaded with valuable data. We help ensure it's highest impact on your web strategies by integrating directly to our platform.
Pricing Integration
Pricing strategies vary by industry and by customer preference. Our ERP integration supports virtually any desired online pricing strategy.
Inventory Integration
Up-to-date inventory levels for your stocked items are displayed on the website, and can be sorted to the top of each category search.
Orders Intergration
As online orders are submitted, transactional data is pushed to your ERP system for order fulfillment, account invoicing, updating inventory, etc.
XOFEEDS Data Concierge Services
Eliminate mountains of spreadsheets with a single data feed delivered how and when you need it.
Existing Website
Think of all the time you'll save letting XOLogic source, normalize, enhance, update and manage a single product data feed for your existing website.
Specialized Feeds
Navigating the requirements to work with online merchants, such as Amazon, Google, Houzz, Wayfair and others has never been more easy.
ERP System
The product data required for your ERP system is different than the data used on your website. We integrate only the data you need to keep your systems accurate.

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