Why Clients Partner With Us

Derek did a great job and promptly helped us with website changes. Thanks!
Laura / City Lights Detroit
Derek is amazing as always! Thanks very much for the quick fix!
James / Gerrie Electric
Darrin was great at assisting me with our site - Can't wait to have him assist more!
Adam / Panic Lighting
As always, Team XO comes through in super fast time!
Jon / Lighting Depot
Beyond satisfied with my new website! Extremely grateful for all of Tyler's help!
Tara / Cappadonnas Lighting
Wonderful. Truly appreciate the quick turnaround on this knowing I was late to the game on this. Thank you. Always so happy with XO service.
Eileen / Living Lighing Corporate
Derek is great as usual. May need to slow down a little when he's teaching me. LOL!!! He punctual, and always listening for issues I may discuss. Great Job!!
Cathy / The Gallery of Lights
Darrin is very professional and prompt. He's a great asset to your team.
Aaron / Cregger Company
Dexter was very fast at communicating and actions on my request!
Sharon / Craftmade
Derek has been very helpful and quick to respond :)
Kim Lamb
Derek is very well spoken, polite, helpful, caring, smart and quick. He is a great example of a great employee. It shows the company knows what they are doing.
David / Eldon Lighting
Customer service is always helpful, pleasant and efficient.
Sharon Vance / Craftmade
Darrin provided super fast service! Address and hours changed right away!
Jon Gavronsky / Lighting Depot
Shandiin is always quick to respond and helpful. Thanks!
Brad / Lighting by Lavonne
Derek is awesome, loved talking with him, he definitely knows how to calm my nerves down when I thought I was having issues, very helpful and I appreciate his help!
Tatyana / Elegant Lighting
Derek provided amazing and fast customer service for my request!!!
Colorado Interiors
XOLogic customer service is always fast and top notch!
Brad Wolpert / Lighting by Lavonne
Shandiin was prompt response, kind, and quick to resolve issue!
Andrea Popovic / Littman Bros Lighting
I worked with both Derek and Darren today, and they were AWESOME! I truly do appreciate their knowledge, patience and the way the communicate and educate in a way that is easy to follow and learn!
Alona / Anzalone Lighting
Outstanding quick work to a tricky issue by Darrin!
Rader Rollins / Statewide Lighting
I'm new to the position i have with Dolan Designs, that being said, I am very pleased with what i have experienced to date. Thank you very much Megan!
Cheryl / Dolan Designs
Derek is very responsive and promptly handles any issue.
Taron / Mi Casa Lighting
Thank you Danielle so very much for a great answer to our question.
Rhonda Dekker / Dekker Lighting
Excellent response times Derek. Thank you!
Luca Filice / Prima Lighting
Great customer care representative. Extremely helpful and fixed the issue right away.
Colorado Interiors
Very helpful chat feature. Darrin helped me right away. Very helpful!
Brad / Lighting by Lavonne
Derek is always great. He really digs into my requests and works with me to really understand what I'm asking for. Derek himself is always stellar.
Edrei Quijano / Litrite
The process is a little confusing, but my request was looked after immediately. I just went back into my site after about 15 minutes, and the problem was all looked after. Thank you
Tracey / Elm Ridge Lighting
Tyler provided prompt, thorough and courteous responses to my question. He informed me about the choices available and made sure the changes were made right away. Thank you, Tyler!
Marisa Santangelo / Santangelo Lighting
Three P's Prompt, Polite and Professional. Thanks Guys.
Jeff Robinson / Kendall Lighting
My request was done efficiently and with good response. Thanks!
Danna / Elegance Lighting
Derek was great to add on the vendors we requested fast on our site. Great job!
Fardin / Chic Home
As always, XOLogic came through and helped me solve my problem. Thank you!
Kathleen Davis / Notoco Industries
Very detailed a quick response from Darrin - Appreciation!
Krista / US Supply 31
No questions just resolutions! Thank you Derek.
Leslie Brown / J. Landon
Tyler was EXTREMELY helpful in answering all of my questions! And super quick to respond!!
Christina Cicalese / Crystorama
John is always pleasant and gets things done.
Eli / Aura Electric Supply
I really appreciate the speed at which my special request was completed.
Bill DeJong / Illuminate Lighting LLC
Susan, Thank you so much for all your help. This process was so easy and I really enjoyed working with you. The site is awesome and I know it will be a useful tool for our accounts. We look so professional now! Thanks again!
Anne Thomas Keen / Pacific Liteforce Sales
As always, John's support was exceptional!
Skip Hulett / Light Styles NC
Alex always responds to me in minutes. He tries he hardest to resolve our problems.
Magdaline Giordano / JT Roselle Lighting and Supply
John was extremely helpful!!!!!
Christy B / Luxur Lighting
Love the customer service!
Peggy Benit / Pine Grove Electric
Alex is always helpful and very responsive. And know the product very well.
Jeff Glass / Indiana Lighting
John is always very helpful and willing to work with me no matter how much of a pain in the A** I might be :)
Earin Duran / J Landon Decorative Lighting
Alex is great and is always a pleasure to work with and ensures the job gets done.
Eileen Wiscombe / Living Lighting Georgetown
Tyler is always great to work with and takes care of things with patience and care immediately!! Thank you for your support Tyler! Mary
Mary Schulze / Garbes Industries
Thanks for the Lightning fast lighting service!!! Brilliant! You XO guys are really good!
Jon Gavronsky / Lighting Depot
Tyler and Borja responded and performed exactly what was needed right away. This was an example of excellent service. Thank you
Rich Bolotsky / Good Friend Electric
Alex Kidd was Awesome in helping me set up our tags!!!!
Alan Kershaw / Ellen Lighting
Information was delivered in a timely manner, considering the amount of data. Thank you.
Robert Clarke / Windward Software
Tyler was very responsive and helpful in making a small change to our website.
Christopher Holbrook / Alloway Lighting Company
Perfect response and solution! Everything is functional again! Thanks a ton.
Laura Coast-Ordiway / Amos Electric
Thanks for the quick response and complete information.
Joy / Light World
The XOLogic team always do a great job and address any issues we have immediately. Very professional and fast!
Ramy Najm / All Lite
John helped me set up my e-commerce. He was very helpful and answered all of my questions.
Michelle Bottini / The Shelby Design Center
Website looks great, updates were made quickly! On another note, Alex responded quickly and thoroughly so that I understand why I'd use IMAP as Actual. I really appreciate it!
Jennifer Liriano / Pemba Serve
Always excellent, follow up always promptly completed.
Alison Rennie / Living Lighting Corporate
Mr. John Woolf was awesome. He guided us through the process we needed. Excellent service. Thank you Mr. Woolf and XO!
David Martinez / Fan and Lighting World
Question: What was the best part of the implementation process? Answer: Working with Susan Hymas…she was so easy to work with and taught me a lot.
Joey Danzig / Illuminating Expressions
Exactly what we needed and completely very quickly. Many thanks Cavan!
Gail Marchand / Marchand Electric
Entered a request to have a COVID-19 message displayed on our sites as soon as possible. Cavan and XO made it happen within minutes. Thank you XO Team!
Paul Korvca / Active Electric
John seems to be my go to guy and he is always excellent and his answers are always in language I understand, not too techy which I really appreciate He has my full thumbs up!!!!!
Jenny Howlet / Distinctive Lighting Concepts
We looked around at all the other solutions out there and found that XOLogic had the most complete solution for us. We got our online stores and our physical stores up and running fast. Best choice we ever made was to work with XOLogic.
Frank Denish / Star Lighting Center
Thank you so much John for always coming through for Ideal Electrical Supply.
Carnel Davis / Ideal Electric
Alex is always a pleasure to talk to and does a great job addressing issues in a timely manner.
Lisa McManus / BA Robinson
As always, you guy's always respond and resolves our issues quickly Thanks Jeff.
Jeff Glass / Indiana Lighting
Alex is the best representative! He is thorough and a pleasure to work with.
Laurie Willard / Flemington Lighting
Alex is amazing! He is very professional and helpful!
Mak Mashal / Lighting Zone
We have been working with XOLogic on developing our new website to include product, pricing and graphics. The Staff at XOLogic are always professional. They are quick and efficient at getting the data needed and then updating our site. We look forward to our continued partnership in future growth and expansion of our web presence.
Cathy Grant / CCS
John was a huge help and we are getting things done. He is awesome and right on time. Now for the training!!! XO Rocks!!! Thank you.
Steve Faulk / Hermitage Lighting
Fast and helpful, very instructive as to how to do this ourselves! Thanks John! Great work!
Jon Gavronsky / Lighting Depot
Thanks for all your help! Yall are always good to work on what we need done. And you are quick about it. Appreciate it!
Sarah Williams / Better Living Store
Using XOLogic has enabled us to offer a better online customer experience, with more complete data and a stronger look-and-feel. The XOLogic team also agreed to significant custom work to help us manage processes and look-and-feel, which no other provider was able to do.
Catherine Metrycki / Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre
This is the second time I have worked with John in the last couple of weeks and he has been GREAT!! VERY HELPFUL, RIGHT ON THE BALL AND HAS A SENSE OF HUMOUR WHICH IS APPRECIATED!!
Jenny Howlett / Distinctive Lighting Concepts
The attractive, navigable, and accurate website allows our customers to pre-shop, before visiting the showroom. All of these values translate into cost reduction and increased sales. Digital catalogs and web presence is no longer an elective; customers expect it. XOLogic has been successfully doing this for many years. They are experts in this field.
Dana G Hunt / Masterpiece
Prompt response and posting which was essential as we needed to locate this fixture ASAP, and we did! Thanks for posting quickly.
Jennifer Liriano / Pemba Lighting
I love it! You definitely hit the mark we had set! It really is a better result than we could have hoped for.
Denise Duncan / Light ETC
We were able to get our electrical products onto our website easily and quickly. We fully endorse XOLogic. They solve the data problems that are hard for every electrical business.
Will Bridges / Bayside Electric Supply
We were able to increase our orders by 150% just by having our website sell all the brands we carry. I have salespeople that have doubled their orders and are spending more time with their families. I don't know how we could live without XOLogic.
Sandra / Robinson Lighting
John was very helpful and was able to fix the problem very quickly. Thank you!
Jen Rankin / Valley Lights
XOLogic has been extremely responsive to all our requests and we have gotten everything that we wanted for our website. I especially was impressed that we were able to get our pricing directly from our existing backend system through the flexible XOLogic system. We are very happy with choosing XOLogic!
Paul Kvorka / Active Electrical Supply
John is always responsive and delivers a good customer service experience.
Jimmy Norris / Visual Comfort
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